Reopening the Economy | How to Take Advantage of this New Beginning

05-24-20 09:24 AM By Alirio Martinez

With the economies of every nation placed in greater doubt of sustainability, and with recession imminent for many countries, it’s important that businesses are remodeled to cope with the effects of these times and forge ahead. With the prospects of a vaccine against the virus still in the works, one has to take stock of the situation and gradually access the list of possible measures one can implement as businesses look to return. Of course, we must be mindful that things will not return to how they were before the global outbreak. However, in this different landscape of events, we will reshape ourselves and our business plans to reopen the economy.

In a business guide for the reopening of businesses in the United States, Forbes Magazine says that businesses that reopen successfully, as economic restrictions ease, will set the groundwork ahead of time. Going by the business guide, it has become necessary for businesses, whether small-scale or large-scale, to take on certain measures to ensure a smooth running.

Customer service; the pillar of any successful business 

Customer service has been and will always be one of the pillars of any business whose goal is to succeed. Now that you’ve been closed for a while and are unsure if your favorite customers are aware of your plans to reopen, what do you do? Stay in contact!  Let them know that your relationship stretches beyond the extent of the cash register and invoice phase. Advertising blasts are definitely a viable means to let people know what and who you are if your business is a new one. 

Did you forget your employees for a second? Aww, don’t be like that. This is a perfect opportunity to show empathy towards your staff as you express your delight in working with them and stay in contact. Show concern today. Search for business success stories that relate to your trade and find a way to bond with them and possibly emulate them yourself. They’ll serve as fuel for the rough days. 

Improve you sales; stay in the market using Digital Marketing 

Now, more than ever, businesses have to wake to the realization that Digital Marketing is a trend that’s looking to do two things:
    • Improve your sales.
    • Help you stay in the market.

Digital Marketing cuts across Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, to mention but a few! You should plan for yourself, your employees, and customers to reopen the economy through this method.

No one knows how much expenses you must have incurred during the lockdown period, so it's best to reopen with the mindset of cutting down on costs safely and reliably. You can outsource basic tasks like calls and marketing to a virtual assistant, which will lead to a lessened workload and even more time to grow your business. At Free-Me Up, we are passionate about sourcing various means to make running your business easier. It would be best if you always had an extra pair of hands.

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How COVID-19 statistics can help

Keep an eye on your local COVID-19 statistics to be aware of the recovery numbers as well as the number of confirmed cases. This will largely influence how many hours you spend working outside.Find out here.

Also, as you plan for reopening or if you’re already open, be available to the diverse business approaches that exist. Now’s not the time to be afraid of a certain approach you may admire in secret but consider it a great risk. World economies are changing, and keeping up with the unfolding trends, best to try everything for the sake of posterity. 

Whoever heard of a soft opening? Not you!  Plan for a grand opening. Remember, you’re trying to draw the attention of potential customers and clients, attract them in a big way. Don’t be afraid to splurge for this cause. 

It’s in your best interest to find a way to let your target audience know that you're ever ready to take their orders and do business with them. With the possible lapse in communication, anything is possible, so you must be innovative and stay in touch for the future of your business. Remind them of your vision to provide services in a much cooler way. 

Let your clients know, as a preexisting business owner or greenhorn, that now's when they should be more confident in you and your products/services. Instill that feeling of trustworthiness, and it will yield great results!

Be flexible; the economy won't reopen in a synchronized manner

CNN Business recently revealed that neither the global economy nor the US economy is reopening in a synchronized manner. That uneven progress could, for example, make it much harder for manufacturers that rely on materials from abroad to recover.

You must deliberate with each effort to ensure your business thrives in its bid to reopen the economy. With the information from CNN Business, one can only imagine that business activities will not resume straightforwardly. Still, it’s important to have a flexible working plan to guarantee sustenance in this period and the ones to come. 

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Need extra set of hands? consider Virtual Assistance and Digital Marketing

You must take stock of the current situation with the constant reminder that the world may have witnessed a cataclysmic change in the manner things are done, especially in the business world. This is the moment to consider options like Virtual Assistants and Digital Marketing, as more people will begin to work from home to curb community spread of the virus. It will be helpful to place a foot in the right direction by taking advantage of the Digital Marketing strategies currently on offer on our website. Need extra hands?  You’ve got more than you require reopening the economy. Take a step in the right direction. If your business is already open or you’re just planning a reopening, contact us today or book a presentation to have a smooth and scalable running of your business processes!
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