Cost-Effectiveness: Full-time employee Vs. Virtual Assistant

02-03-20 08:19 AM By Alirio Martinez


Once your business starts growing, you will feel the need to have more people to accompany you in completing your tasks. However, small business owners or people who have just entered the business world face the issue of choosing between a Full-time employee or a Virtual Assistant.


Studies show that hiring an employee is four times more expensive than having a virtual assistant. This is because once you have an employee, there are certain costs that you have to take care of. These include paid sick time, payroll costs, life insurance, worker’s compensation, healthcare, taxes, paid vacations and office expenses.


However, when you hire a virtual assistant, the only expense you have to take care of our working hours or the rate at which the project has been assigned. Virtual assistants work on the basis of the hours they work mostly. They do not have to be provided with equipment because they work from a remote location. They are also independent workers, so that pay for their own taxes and other expenses. 


Another thing to note is that full-time employees need a training period before they can get to work. You have to invest your time and effort into training them for the task assigned. As opposed to this, virtual assistants know their job and need little to no training in most cases. While working with employees, you also have to consider water cooler time. This is the duration spent by employees away from their desks taking a lunch break, smoke break, or scrolling their Instagram feed.


However, virtual assistants are time efficient so they deliver value to their employers. Virtual assistants know their income depends on their work production. 


In conclusion, virtual assistants are far more cost-effective than employers. So if you are looking for a virtual assistant to take care of your projects, then feel free to contact us. We offer great services at reasonable rates. Our virtual assistants won’t let you down!

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