Brand Storytelling & Why it is Important to Engage your Clients

01-11-21 06:40 PM By Alirio Martinez

We all like stories, don't we? Humans have been creating, telling, and listening to stories for a long. In today's world, these are an essential part of our lives to make things interesting. When it comes to brand, storytelling is one of the vital tools in your brand's marketing. Brand storytelling is not just important; it's critical to engage your clients and sell your products and services. A great brand story can leave an everlasting impact on your target audience's mind and make them your customers. It can take your brand completely to new heights of success. According to a study conducted by Meaningful Brands, 84% of people out of 375,000 across 33 countries expect brands to deliver engaging content for their clients.

Seeing how the brands are digitally driven today, storytelling has become a critical part of their marketing strategy. Now to compete with their competitors, brands need to connect emotionally with their clients, pull their interest, and that's only possible through a good story. So, before moving towards the importance of storytelling, let's look at what brand storytelling is?

What is Brand Storytelling?

"Brand storytelling is an art of delivering your message using facts, emotions, personalities and events to your clients while explaining your mission, values, and services."

It is the brands' marketing tools to deliver their message in a potential way to their customers. People get more engaged in the advertisements that are story-driven and have an emotional touch in them. Especially during this pandemic where the people are limited to their homes and brands are shifting themselves online and paying much attention to digital marketing during this pandemic, storytelling has become an essential trick to reach maximum clients.

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Why Brand Storytelling is Important:

It is the age of competition. The market is more crowded now and is rushed with both sellers and buyers. It is challenging to capture people's attention towards your brand until you have a better story than your competitors and better products and services. So, below are some points explaining why storytelling by the brands is necessary. 

1.- Stories Emotionally Engage the Clients:

People take more interest in something if they touch them emotionally. Psychology says that storytelling is the best way to capture people's attention, deliver your message, and develop your emotional bond with them. The Best stories have the power to grab people's attention and inspire them to take action. They create an imaginative world in the client's mind, and he gets more engaged and attracted to your brand. Once you get to touch people emotionally, you have got more clients and an audience. According to onespot:

40% of people prefer the content that inspires or motivates them.

2.- Your Story Makes a Difference:

There are thousands of marketing content being created every day. Every brand is making much effort and spending a lot of money to capture the audience's attention just for a few seconds. But most of the brands get failed to do so because the internet is rushed with the same types of advertisements explaining some facts and services, and that's it. If you want your brand to stand out in this pool of ads, you have to bring something better and creative. That's where the storytelling comes in and has become so crucial in today's world. 

Your quality products or services do not only set you apart from others. It would be best if you had a healthy story 1st to grab your audience's attention, and once they get attached to your stories, you will ultimately get differentiated from your competitors.

3.- Stories Boost your Sale:

Great Stories are more appealing to people. They appeal to people to take an interest in your brands. Once People listen or view your brand story and if it's okay, they wish to know more about your brand, products, and services. Once they get to know about your products and services and find them good, they will definitely buy. They will also act as a passive mean of marketing for your brand. They will talk about your incredible story, products, and services to their friends and colleagues. The chain continues and boosts your sale. According to Psychology, 95% of people make purchases based on emotions rather than logic. This means, once you have touched your audience emotionally, your chances of making them your customer will increase to 95%. People remember those things 22 times more, which are told in the form of a story.

4.- Stories Make Customers Loyal:

Great stories make customers loyal to your brand. Once your audience gets to know your story, they will trust you and more likely buy from you. Ultimately you have created a relationship with your client, and at the time, he will become your advocate and ambassador. You can take an example from Apple – the famous Tech Company everyone knows. Their storytelling campaigns like Think Different and Share Your Gifts are so strong and appealing that you are automatically forced to buy their products, and once you make purchases from them, you can't even think of going to anyone else.

The markets are opening again; take advantage of this new beginning and reach your customers again through great stories.

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How to Design Brand Stories:

Brand storytelling isn't as easy as it sounds. Many brands fail at this step and don't get able to capture the attention of their audience. In this world where social media is rushed with ads and advertisements, people don't even see a second more when the skip button appears on the screen and skip the ad. Only a few stories are so great that they pull the viewers' attention and interest, and people see them till the end. So how to make a great story that captures your customers' interest right from the start.

While designing the story, try to answer the following questions in your story so that people get to know the basics about your brand.

- Who you are
- Your History
- Your Values
- Your Mission
- Problems your clients are facing
- Your Products and Services
- Your Uniqueness

Form the baselines and make a rough sketch and once you have done with the 1st draft, proofread it until it gets perfect. Once you think of the answer to these questions, you will coin some great ideas to form a great story that will grab attention and interest. You can create content for any brand by examining these questions.

Keep your Story Customers Oriented:

People take an interest in stories when you discuss them in your stories, talk about their problems, and present a solution. Keep your stories customers oriented. Please talk about the issues they are facing, how you have a solution for their problem, and how you are unique from your competitors. When you design a story in this sequence, your story stands out from others and captures many viewers' interest. Just see the Dove Campaigns that how they create customers oriented stories and ads.

Give an Emotional Touch to Your Stories:

Peoples are emotionally driven. They develop a bond with the brands that touch them emotionally. Try to add some emotional touch to your story.  Add characters, humor, joy, pain, and some personalities in your stories to make them stand out and touch your viewers emotionally.

Brand Storytelling in a Nutshell:

  • Brand Storytelling is a narrative way to advertise your products using facts, emotions, personalities, and events to connect your clients while explaining your values, missions, and products.
  • Stories engage your clients emotionally and increase your sales.
  • Your stories should be customer and personalities driven.
  • Keep your stories simple, well arranged, and give them an emotional touch.

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