[2020] 30 Best Tasks you can Delegate to a Virtual Assistant Service

05-09-20 06:24 PM By Alirio Martinez

Virtual Assistants represent a simple yet powerful way to win back your precious time

As your business grows, so will your workload. You may be able to handle everything at the moment, but you’re going to reach a point where you need another set of hands, or you might be there already. When you feel that there aren’t enough hours in the day, that is when it’s time to consider hiring the service of a virtual assistant. 

A virtual assistant provides a diverse range of services to businesses or entrepreneurs from a remote location. They seldom work from an office because the jobs they do are usually repetitive, tedious or time-consuming. 

When you hire a virtual assistant for a specific job, you are hiring a person who specializes in that job. This means that not only do you save money by hiring someone trained and ready to hit the ground running, but you are also getting a person who is an expert in that field. By hiring a person who is an expert in their field you are enabling your business to grow by freeing up your time to work on more important things, and the person might pick up things that you wouldn’t have otherwise known about.

Virtual assistants help you grow your business by being your extra set of hands and doing time-consuming, mundane tasks that you no longer have time to do. We at Freeme-up.com, understand that if you require a virtual assistant, then you probably don’t have time to look for one. We are a team of professional virtual assistants who specialize in taking the mundane and labour-intensive tasks away from busy entrepreneurs without costing the earth.

You might already be searching for a full-time employee to assist you, but did you know that hiring a full-time employee is four times more expensive than having a virtual assistant? This is because employees are entitled to benefits such as paid leave, healthcare, etc. whereas virtual assistants are usually freelancers. This means that you only pay for their hourly rate. 

The list of jobs a virtual assistant can do is endless, but we have put together a list of the 30 best tasks you can delegate to virtual assistants. These tasks are:
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Digital Marketing

Marketing is very time consuming, especially if it isn’t your profession. If you find yourself doing things like:

1. Brand Management and Control - Supervise make the necessary recommendations to keep all the elements of the brand aligned on social networks, marketing material, products and any means of communication.

2. Competition Research - Collection the available on-line public domain information from your business rival.

3. Email Marketing - Build an email list and send email campaigns to targeted customers and leads.

4. Social Media Optimization (SMO) - Use social media as a catalyst to grow your company’s online presence. 

5. Social Media Management - Manage all the company social media presence and make sure they match the Digital Marketing Plan.

6. Social Media audience interaction - Interact with your audience on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook is social media to increase engagement.

7. Digital Marketing analytics reports - Analyze statistics and make recommendations for ways that the company can improve its online marketing efforts.

8. Inbound Marketing Plan and Implementation - Develop a business methodology to attract customers by creating valuable content.

9. Website Maintenance - Regularly checking your website for issues and mistakes and keeping it updated and relevant. 

10.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Create and implement a Plan to increase the quality and quantity of the traffic to your website through the organic search engine results.

Then you need to find a virtual assistant to give you a hand. This list might make you think that you need a multi-tasking marketing octopus and you aren’t wrong. One person won’t be able to do all the things listed above, but this is why virtual assistants are so good. You can hire a professional virtual assistants team who specialize in two or three of the tasks listed above.

By hiring virtual assistants, who specialize in two or three of the areas listed above, you are getting people who know what they are doing. It might sound expensive to hire multiple assistants, but the reality is they are already really cost-effective solution. If you find a virtual assistant that can do everything listed above, make sure you are realistic about your expectations.

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Sales Support

Possibly one of the most tedious parts of any young business is sales support. It’s time-consuming and need sometime massive data recording, so why not outsource it? Ten of the best sales tasks you can outsource are:

11. Prepare and reply via email to Customers - Manage email efficiently, prioritize and update any important news.

12. Make Prospecting Calls - Create new business opportunities by making outbound calls to prospect clients.

13. Make Follow-up Calls - Schedule and make all the important and relevant call to vendors, clients, and prospects, including text messages.

14. Prepare Sales Orders - Generate Sales Orders upon receiving a purchase order from a buyer or Sales Representative and look for details about the product or service along with price, quantity, buyer details like the shipping address, billing address, mode of payment and terms and conditions.

15. Manage Customers Issues - Take care of the customer's problem and make sure they have complete satisfaction with the service or product of your company.

16. CRM system data entry and maintenance - Continually maintenance and keep data up to date of the CRM system to properly ensure quality of service all around the company.

17. Scheduling meetings with prospects and customers - Setup a shared calendar, schedule, and arrange your calendar to handle the back-and-forth of setting up appointments.

18. Research of Leads - Searching the web for new business opportunities.

19. Sales Team Support - Keep your Sales team well informed, help them with appointments, CRM data entry, Invoicing, last marketing promotions, returning calls to customers, while they are trying to close the next business.

20. Prepare Sales Report - Keep frequently and detailed sales report on hands any time you need it.

It can be hard at first to trust an outsider with one of the most valuable aspects of your business. You don’t need to go all-in straight up, try delegating the most repetitive tasks first until you feel confident enough to trust an assistant with the in-depth sales tasks.

Hiring one or more virtual assistants to assist with sales can help your business grow quicker than you ever thought possible. You can begin to offer services such as 24/7 customer support. Meaning that your business can expand globally, and you’ll feel confident knowing that customers on the other side of the world will be able to have their inquiries addressed.


Unless you are a bookkeeping specialist, we’re going to go out on a limb here and say that you probably don’t enjoy doing your bookkeeping or simply don't have enough time. Very few business owners do. Did you know that bookkeeping is another area of your business you can hire a virtual assistant for? These are the top 10 bookkeeping tasks you can outsource to an assistant:

21. Make calls for unpaid invoices - Read and understand account receivables, prioritize and make all the necessary phone contacts until you get paid.

22. Record Customer payments - Enter customers payments to your book system and make your all information is  accurate.

23. Record Vendors bill - Make sure the A/R is correct, products or service are received vs purchase order, go back to the vendor is any necessary change is needed.

24. Prepare and send invoices - Document and send invoices as soon as the service or good is provided to the customer, make sure all the information is correct and do the proper follow up until it get paid.

25. Prepare and send Purchase orders - Document and send POs as soon as the requirement is provided by authorized company personnel. Make sure all the required process is complete and do the proper follow up until the product or service is received.

26. Reconcile bank accounts - Match the cash balances on the balance sheet to the corresponding amount on your bank statement, determine any differences between the two and keep informed the supervisor.

27. Reconcile credit card accounts - Match the account payable on the balance sheet to the corresponding credit card amount on your bank statement, determine any differences between the two and keep informed the supervisor.

28. Reconcile Inventory - Once the physical inventory statement was receive math the inventory system with the report and make any authorized change to keep the system updated.

29. Enter Check payments - Keep customers record accurate (accounts receivables)  by recording payments as soon it is received in the systems.

30. General Data entry - Input any type of electronic data into any type of system using any available remote access.

It’s true that there once was a time where outsourcing bookkeeping tasks would have been impractical. But thanks to the internet, and the recent spike in demand for people who want to work for themselves, there is a multitude of experienced bookkeepers who are ready to be your virtual assistant.

In business, especially during the early growth stages, it makes sense to save money wherever you can. But whether you’re a successful multi-million dollar company or a small business working from your garage, managing your bookkeeping can be the difference between success and failure. When you hire a virtual assistant from Freeme-up.com, you are getting a person who specializes in the task you need to be completed.

Managing your Professional Virtual Assistant Team

Although we take care of the time-consuming part of having a virtual assistant, it is essential to understand how to manage your VA from a workload perspective.

Be sure to have a direct messaging service, such as Slack, set up otherwise you could receive a horde of emails. When you receive a large quantity of emails, things can get lost. But if you have a direct messaging service, you can reduce the amount of information and have it on a concise timeline when you are ready to read it.

The most important thing to remember when working with virtual assistants is that they are human beings who have feelings. It can be easy to forget when you only speak to them through email or direct message that there is a living breathing person on the other side.

It can be easy to feel frustrated when a task is not completed correctly or when a mistake is made. Here are some extra tips, you can mitigate this by setting up regular phone calls or virtual meetings, to review current objectives. There is never any harm in also having a conversation about them and showing genuine interest in their life. By doing this, you are showing them that you care. In theory, this will create an emotional connection which will lead to them showing more enthusiasm and interest towards your business, and it will make them feel like they are part of a team.

Speaking of mistakes and jobs not being completed correctly, documenting your processes, and creating SOPs are imperative for a few reasons. Firstly, tasks will be completed to your standard, and there won’t be any room for misunderstandings if you clearly outline how the task should be performed.

Another reason is that you always want to know how tasks are done within your business. There should never be a time where a person who is not your direct employee knows how to do a part of your business that you don’t. Lastly, having documentation is efficient. You don’t need to waste your valuable time telling someone how to do a simple job. Documenting the way you do a job doesn’t need to take very long, either. When you complete the task, make sure you use a screen recording tool or create a series of screenshots. Good communication is the Key!

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The Bottom Line

Hiring a virtual assistant for your business comes with an abundance of benefits. Whether you’re looking to spend more time on your growth strategy or trying to get home 30 minutes earlier to spend time with the kids. Whatever your reason one thing is for sure, hiring a virtual assistant saves you time and money.

Hiring a person who is an expert in the field you are hiring them for comes with its bundle of benefits. These benefits include picking up on potential mistakes, finding a more efficient way to complete the task or giving a fresh perspective on something that you may not have thought about.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Stop getting overwhelmed with jobs to do. Add a virtual assistant to your team, contact us or book a presentation to find out how our team of professional assistants can benefit your business.
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