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Freeme-Up.com is a Professional Marketing Agency Team created to help business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their brands and online marketing presence.

It’s no secret that entrepreneurs at some point get tired. You’re only human, and there are only so many hours in the day - plus, you only have two hands. The problem is that many entrepreneurs, especially those in the startup phase, are scared to ask for help. 

By delegating key daily tasks to us, you can get back precious time to growing your business and spend more time with your love ones.

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‌No matter the nature of your business, rest assured that our Professional Virtual Assistants team members are flexible enough to meet your needs - without costing the earth. The smartest entrepreneurs are those who are unafraid to delegate most of their tasks that simply have to be done, but eat far too many precious hours out of each day - like Bookkeeping, Marketing, and Sales.

Bookkeeping, Calculator


‌You can outsource parts of your business to one of our well-rounded bookkeeper, saving you time and potentially money.

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Marketing, Binoculars


Your MARKETING Virtual Assistant will collaborate closely with you to execute and follow up your marketing initiatives.

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Sales, Sales Person


Our goal is to help you build a more efficient sales team and keep your CRM updated with your current and potential customers information.

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If you’ve never considered hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA), NOW MIGHT BE THE TIME! 


Some of our Clients

Travieso Foods
Pena Foods, Peña Foods
Larrys Peppa shrimp, Larry's Peppa Shrimp

Our Professional Team

Alirio Martinez, Founder, Freeme-up.com
Alirio is an Architect from Universidad Central de Venezuela 1990 - He is a Senior Project Manager with bast experience working at any business scale. He also has successfully direct many Companies from insertion. His role in FMU is to identified those areas were our clients need more attention to make their business growth quick.

Alirio J Martinez


Carlos Chacon, Co-founder, Freeme-up.com
Carlos has a Mayor in Business Administration form Universidad Catolica of Venezuela, he has worked with many large multinational Companies. He is a Technology savvy and his role in FMU is to make sure every clients meet their expectation.

Carlos Chacon


Darling Yepez, Co-founder, Freeme-up.com
Darlyn is a Accountant Assistant, she is the gem of the company, she is in charge of taking care in every single detail into the organization, and Clients needs.

Darling Yepez



What are the benefits of a VA?

Hiring one of our well trained VAs can eliminate time spent hiring and managing another employee, boost customer satisfaction, increase your productivity, elevate your professional image and give you more time to spend in other key areas of your business and personal live.

I'm busy and I'd really like some help. But I'm not sure if there's anything I can delegate. What should I do?
Contact us to speak to someone who can make some suggestions, we will tailor a proposal that mach your budget and your needs. We've never seen a business that doesn't have SOMETHING it can delegate.
Where are you located?

Our main Office is located in US, more specifically in the heart of USA-Latin America commercial trade Miami, FL, we have our Virtual Team in different cities around South America like Brasil, Venezuela, Colombia and Mexico.

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What are your Office Hours?

Our main Office is open 9 am to 5 pm - Monday to Friday US Easter Standard Time, our Virtual Assistants are completely flexible they are available depending of each clients needs.

What are the VA's Skills Set?

Each Virtual Assistant is hand-selected for their diligence, meticulous work ethic, and commitment to working hard and learning new things about great businesses like yours. While other “similar” companies hire remote workers, all of our team members work under the same roof - giving us a competitive advantage rooted in synergy and coordination. All of our VAs are: Trained, Qualified, Passionate, Professional, Experts, Meticulous, Talented and Bilingual (English-Spanish).

Would I be assigned a dedicated VA?

Yes, you would be assigned a dedicated VA who will be your main point of contact on regular basis. Just treat your VA as your regular employee and train them on how you want things done. Our VA's are thoroughly trained on most of the regular jobs that we receive from our clients, however since each client has their own requirement, we recommend you to spend some time initially with your dedicated VA to explain what you need to get done and how you need them done. Spending a little time with your VA in the beginning always helps in the long run.

How do I get in touch with my VA?
You will be provided with their direct email id and US phone number (VOIP) and you can get in touch with them any time you like.
What happens after I hire you?
You will be contacted by our General Manager within 12 to 24 hours after your sign up and they will assign you a dedicated VA who they think will be the best candidate for you depending on your needs. Normally you will spend some time giving some training and Setting Up your account - usually this take 2 to 3 days them you can start sending your work.
What if I am not happy with the current VA?
You can always reach your Team Leader and discuss any concerns that you might have if you are not happy with the current VA. We can always assign you a new VA if needed.
Do you have an hourly rate?
Yes, we do provide an hourly rate service for $15 per hour. However we encourage our clients to take advantage of our monthly plans with hourly rates as low as $5 per hour. Our plans are designed to get work done, so the higher the plan the more work you will receive.
How safe is my information?
Your Company as well as your personal information will be protected by our None Disclosure Agreement (NDA) policy witch is signed under US law environment.
Can I cancel any time?

There are no contracts and you can upgrade , downgrade or cancel your service any time before your next billing cycle. Just send us an email to info@freeme-up.com or just let our General Manager know about the change and we'll adjust your plan accordingly.

May I try without commitment?

Yes, you can give us a Try completely FREE and not commitment. After filling out our Quote Request Form you will be contacted by our General Manager to start your FREE Trial, its consist in delegating one administrative task to one of our VA (2 hr max).

I have more questions, what should I do?

I you have more Queations, there is no problem simple contact us I we'll be more than happy to assist you.

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